iYak owns 12 de-hairing machines, which are all operated by local nomads who have been trained by iYak. We can produce 2100kg of de-haired fiber per month.

The quality of our yak down

  • Coarse Fiber Content: 0.1%

  • Median Fiber Length: 29.5mm

  • Percentage Under 15mm: 11.1%

  • Average Length: 32.1mm

  • Average Fineness: 17.42 micron

  • Co-efficient of Variation: 22.18%

Testing has been completed by the State Wool Textile Products Quality Supervision & Test Center (Shanghai) and the Shanghai Wool & Jute Textile Research Institute Testing Laboratory.


The colors of yak fiber

There are five colors of yak fiber - black, dark brown, tan, grey, and white. The majority of yaks have dark brown fiber, with the remaining colors only available in small quantities.